How to Apply Roll-On Perfume Oil

How to Apply Roll-On Perfume Oil

Perks of the Roll-On Perfume Oil

Roll-On's are a unique perfume oil delivery system that allows you to apply your signature perfume oil with detailed accuracy to your pulse points, discreetly without affecting your neighbors, so it is perfect for reapplication of your favorite Dwain Lurielle signature perfume oil in nearly any environment.


Key Point of Interest for Applying your Roll-On Perfume Oil

To get the best sillage, apply to the Temples, Behind Ears and on the Neck. You’ll be able to create a small wake with your scent.

Collar Bones are a date night favorite. You’ll be able to bring someone closer with that alluring scent.

Elbows are a great pulse point for work if you must wash your hands, or you find that you’re getting too much sillage with your wrist.

Wrists are of course one of the classic areas, your arms are constantly in motion which creates a sense of movement in your fragrance.

Behind the Knees isn’t used very often but is very affective in certain climates…or date nights.

Once you’ve decided on which pulse point(s) to use, application is simple.  Just remove the cap, invert the bottle, and roll it gently in circular motions on your skin.  Ensure that the oil inside the bottle is lubricating the roller-ball. Don’t rub into the skin, let it naturally absorb and become one with the skin.

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