Why Dwain Lurielle Signature Perfume Oil is Amazing

Why Dwain Lurielle Signature Perfume Oil is Amazing

There are many amazing perfume oils to select from. You can find them with mainstream houses like Tom Ford and Christian Dior and boutique houses like Dwain Lurielle and Serge Lutens.

Although, how you select your signature perfume oil, is a unique story of its own.

It would seem that today’s mainstream fragrance consumer is choosing their favorite perfume oil based on bottle design, label color or celebrity endorsement.

However, contrary to popular marketing myths, there are still those who truly understand what it is to have a signature perfume oil. They recognize that though they may love the scent in the bottle, it really comes down to how it reacts with their body’s natural scent and how they interact together.

Finding a signature scent is at its core a personal endeavor that sometimes takes time to truly mature and be appreciated by both the wearer and those they encounter.

So, while it is a good Idea to mix it up from time to time, and more so from season to season as temperatures also make a difference in how a perfume oil reacts to your natural chemistry, it is always a great feeling when you know what perfume oil gives you that perfect edge in life, while making you feel and smell amazing at the same time.

Dwain Lurielle recognizes this and personally handcrafts and packages some of the most wonderful and beautiful signature perfume oils for you to select from.

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