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PERSPEKTYVE ™ TWELVE ~ Signature Fragrance Oil emits amazing top notes of mandarin and neroli with heart center notes that include tuberose and orange blossom over fascinating base notes of sandalwood and marshmallow.

In addition to the wonderful scent of this brilliant combination of oils, the aroma is also known to boost mood, focus and passion, and reduce stress and anxiety.


This delightful handcrafted signature fragrance oil is for external use only. Just like with any product that may not agree with you specifically, if rash or irritation occurs, please stop use. Keep away from eyes and areas that may be infected. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid use if pregnant or suffer from severe allergies. If swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately. If you experience a negative reaction, please refrain from using until you seek medical advice and discover the reason.


Please remember to always keep your signature fragrance oil out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Keep caps on tight and bottles upright to prevent leakage and always place some type of protective pad or coaster underneath the bottle to prevent damage to furniture, wood, etc in the event of spillage or leakage.



Where should I apply my fragrance oil?

Warmth activates fragrance oil. It should therefore ideally be worn on the pulse points. However, fragrance oil can be worn anywhere. For instance, in the hair or on the nape of the neck.

What percentage of fragrance oil do you use?

To achieve the character and optimal quality of each fragrance oil, we use the highest percentage of fragrance oil required. Wherever possible we use the absolute – the highest concentration possible of a fragrance oil.

How long will the fragrance oil last on my skin

The length at which your fragrance oil lasts is subjective. If you are a very active person, it could last a few hours. However in an office environment, it could last as long as the entire work day.

How can I make it last longer?

  • Apply an unscented body lotion before applying

  • Apply onto the suggested pulse points

  • Do not rub your wrists together, the heat generated causes the fragrance to evaporate more quickly

  • Carry your conveniently sized fragrance oil with you throughout the day for touch ups as needed, pending your activity levels

Why do fragrance oils smell different on different people?

We each have our own unique body chemistry and when the fragrance oil interacts with our skin, a unique scent is created. Both diet and hydration of the skin can also have an effect on the fragrance.

Where do you get your ingredients from

Our ingredients are sourced from around the world and we choose only ingredients of the very highest quality and purity

Are your fragrance oils 100% natural

While our natural ingredients are dominant, some of nature’s most beautiful resources cannot be tamed for extraction. One flower that has always eluded extraction is Lily of the Valley. The petals are too delicate for designers to be able to extract oil, therefore a clever and safe synthetic ingredient was created to capture this exquisite scent.

How many can be purchased?

To maintain authenticity and exclusivity, only 20 items may be purchased in a 30 day period.

Do you give away Samples?

PERSPEKTYVE handcrafts their signature fragrance oil with high quality ingredients and only produces limited batches to be sold with exclusivity; which is why we do signature fragrance oil presentations to help you discover your unique fragrances. We understand that not all fragrance is for everybody, but if you're looking for over-saturated product provided to the masses, the big box stores are always giving away tons of samples.

Do you test your products on animals

We do not test our products on animals.

Do you use any animal derivatives

No, we use synthetic equivalents, recreating the scent without the use of animal-derived materials.

Why are the fragrance oils affordably priced for such an incredible product

We use only the highest quality of ingredients available, which are high in cost due to their rarity and as a result of the extraction process required to create the oil. For example, to produce Jasmine Sambac, which is used in some of the signature fragrance oils, an acre of land is required to produce 500 pounds of blossom, which yields much less than 1 pound of the absolute.

However, no one should have to sacrifice their other passions or resort to cheap imitations to feel amazing.

We use simple but stylish bottles and labels and rely on a grassroots marketing campaign to earn new and loyal clients.

Is your Site Secure uses the highest encrypted security available, that sites such as Amazon, Sephora, and Macy’s use to protect their loyal customers.

What is Exclusive Belonging?

To maintain your exclusive belonging as one of the 5,000 people that use PERSPEKTYVE Signature fragrance Oil, you simply need to purchase at least One (1) item during your anniversary year. Your Anniversary year is the date of your first purchase. There are no other associated membership fees, just Client Loyalty.

Who is the Designer

PERSPEKTYVE personally handcrafts and packages each brand of signature fragrance oil to deliver an uncompromising and amazing user experience.